Musique: The future is now – Griz

CV (Fr) / Resume (En)



Glouglouton Image00:03 – 00:31 | Glouglou’ton – Fête des lumières de Lyon 2012 – Client: Projectile Lab
Co-directing, team and project management, character technical direction, tools development and rendering
Lla Image00:31 – 00:37 | Les lunes d’Aldrin – Tv Series project
Author, co-directing, artistic Direction, team and project management, character technical direction, tools development
Autorig Image00:38 – 01:25 | Modular Autorig – Tools development – Maxscript
Easy rig generator, modular limbs, basic functions (stretch, parent switching, IK/FK, …), automatic rig update
Used on Les lunes d’Aldrin, Barababor and Cosmotouristes
LBDO Image01:07 – 01:25 | Teaser for Lyon BD festival 2013 – Client: LBDO
Co-directing, character technical direction, tools development, character and environment shadering and rendering
Simphonie Image01:25 – 01:32 | Simphonie Circus – Individual project
Character design, modeling, texturing/shadering, rigging, animation, lighting/rendering and compositing, created in second year
Castor Image01:33 – 01:51 | Castor: easy pass manager – Tools development – Maxscript
Easy pass manager, saving lights/layers/objects/environment/render elements properties, auto filename output, pass comments, one button render
Used on Les lunes d’Aldrin
Fortiche Image01:52 – 01:58 | Humex– chez Fortiche Production
Humans and quadruped rigs
Fortiche Image01:58 – 02:04 | Feed the sparrows– chez Fortiche Production
Birds rigs
Qallunaaq Image02:05 – 02:20 | Qallunaaq – Graduation short-movie
Co-directing, team and project management, character technical direction, tools development, look development, fx, character modeling, props and environment texturing and additional rendering/compositingAnimation interface developed for:
Monsterbox short-movie
Sang d’Encre short movie
Fertiligen Image02:21 – 02:39 | Fertiligen – Tools development – Maxscript
The goal of the tool, is to animate easily the growing or the withering of the vegetation with a deflector. The plants animations was done with morphers. The script animate the morphers.
Used on The Garden
Tool features:

  • Add as many as you want of deflector
  • Automatic adding of vegetation on the course of the deflector
  • Randomize the size of the deflector on each plant
  • Painting mode (leave the animation on the deflector road)
  • Animate the material in the same time that baking of morphers
  • Delete the old keys (morphers and materials)
  • Baker animation only where the deflector is
  • Cancel at any time the baking
  • Delete all the animations and put in an initial state
  • Log file of the errors of morphers and materials

Octo – 2010
Feed the sparrows
Destructor – 2011