Fertiligen – The Garden

Here is Fertiligen, a maxscript tool developed for The Garden, a short-movie project.
The goal of the tool, is to animate easily the growing or the withering of the vegetation with a deflector. The animation of the plants were done with morphers. The script animate the morphers.

Tool features:

  • Add as many as you want of deflector
  • Automatic adding of vegetation on the course of the deflector
  • Randomize the size of the deflector on each plant
  • Painting mode (leave the animation on the deflector road)
  • Animate the material in the same time that baking of morphers
  • Delete the old keys (morphers and materials)
  • Baker animation only where the deflector is
  • Cancel at any time the baking
  • Delete all the animations and put in an initial state
  • Log file of the errors of morphers and materials

Here is an overview of the tool:


Here is The garden, Directed by Jade Gachet, Doriane Lopez , Jérémy Favre, Florian Sauzet and Pierre-Gabriel Chouzy:

Disponible également en :Français

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