Fête des Lumières – 2012

Here is a very short animated feature that I directed with 4 other classmates of my master’s degree, for the famous French live event called “Fête des Lumières” (The Lighting Fest).

This project was part of a specific program for student experimentation, led by the Fête des Lumières, to bring a younger and fresher vision on lighting installations. We had to meet special technical requirements to comply with the brief for a monumental projection.

I was in charge of the project and team management, the rigging/scripting of characters, the shading of the props and characters and also on the renders.

Alexandre Spontak worked on the main character modeling and shading, lighting, compositing and rendering.

Fabien Weibel developed the concept, main character animation and FX : water simulation.

Antoine Marduel dealt with the character-design, secondary characters and props animation.

Youssef Krafess designed and modelised the secondary characters, props and background.

Three composers were involved in making the music and the sound-design of this live-projection: Nathan Blais, Sylvain Livenais and David Freiss.

And just below, here is a making-of about the project and the live projection.

Disponible également en :Français

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